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What Affects The Price Of A Band?

Bands can be expensive, especially when you're trying to budget for the rest of your wedding/event, so here's some tips on what affects the price of your entertainment.

1) Line-up

It makes sense that the more members in the band, the more expensive it is, right? Correct. Some bands are able to offer smaller line-ups to make it more affordable. Our very own entertainers have their own selection of line-ups:

- Shatterproof Brass offers a full 8 piece line-up and a reduced 5 piece line-up

- Hosen Brass offers a full 5 piece line-up and a reduced 3 piece line-up

There's usually a reason why the standard line-up is bigger - it usually sounds better! That's not to say that smaller line-ups aren't as good.

Sometimes it goes the other way! Our very own The Standard Duo's standard line-up is a two piece tuba/sousaphone and horn-of-choice line, with the offering of increasing the band size for a fuller sound.

2) Demand

The more popular the band, the more likely they are to be booked and therefore the higher their prices. Think of the most popular restaurants in the world - their menus are usually more expensive because they can be - same with these top notch bands!

Demand can also mean you won't get the original line-up however. Some bands are able to offer multiple outings on any given date/time, and can keep the prices lower across the board - just as long as you're aware that you might not be getting the same musicians as in the pictures. This doesn't mean it's not a top quality band!

3) Timings

If you need the band there earlier in the day to set up, then it will cost more money. The more time a band needs to be on site, the more they will charge. For some bands, this takes away from other gigs that they may have been able to do in the daytime, so don't be surprised if this doubles your quote! This is the same if you've booked a band for a daytime set and an evening set, with lots of waiting around in between.

Some of our line-ups charge on a 3-4 hour time slot, allowing them to plan other shows around you, so don't be surprised when a band charges a lot more if you need them for longer - think back to demand!

4) Date/Day/Time of Year

Some days of the year are just really popular. Think New Years Eve, Boxing Day, the last Saturday in July. Or just any Saturday in the Summer. If you're trying to book an act on a Saturday in the Summer during wedding season, you can expect to pay higher prices.

Some bands will have their own busy periods where they'll charge more outside of the common busy periods. For example, an Oompah Band will charge more during September and October where another would not, as this is a very popular season! Brass bands and choirs may charge more at Christmas time due to all the busking bookings and corporate carolling shows they'll be asked for.

5) Travel/Travel Time

Travel is a big factor in a bands cost. If a band has to travel 3+ hours to get to the show, then they'll very likely charge for the hours travelled as well as the mileage. Expect mileage to go up over the next few years with increased petrol/diesel prices and the increasing cost of electric car ownership.

6) Accommodation

If your band needs to stay over night and spend the next day travelling, then this will also increase the price of your band. Some bands will charge double fees where the travelling day means they cannot take on another gig.

7) Extras

Bands have many added extras that you can take advantage of that will increase the price:

- Song requests - most bands will include one request within their standard pricing, especially for weddings, but for anything on top of this they may charge per song. This price covers the extra rehearsal time, hiring a rehearsal space, any arranging of parts that needs to be done and more. For what a lot of bands charge for the extra requests, they are massively underselling the amount of work that goes in - you're getting a bargain!

- Additional sets - if you want additional sets on top of the standard performance, some bands will charge you extra for this. They'd need to rehearse an extra set of music which takes time and rehearsal costs, so expect this to increase the cost.

- Early set up - going back to timings - the early the band needs to get there, the more they will charge to cover time and site and potential loss of earnings from shows that they couldn't do otherwise.

- DJ service - some bands offer a range of DJ services, from a Spotify playlist through their PA, or for getting you a discount with a DJ they know. Not all bands need a PA, so won't have this available to offer you a DJ service. If in doubt - ask!

- Act-specific extras - some bands can offer extra things related to their acts, for example dance accompaniment, fire eaters, costume changes or extra lights. Check out what your band offers on their page.

8) MU Rates

A lot of bands will try to charge in line with MU Rates. This can include factors such as hourly rates for drivers, hourly rates for passengers, minimum petrol charges, porterage and more. Usually this is a sign of a quality band!

To conclude

There's an array of factors that influence the price of your band, from the time of year, to the amount of people, time on site and even the quality extras that you'd like to add. Every band is different and will charge based on their own personal circumstances.

Have any questions? Feel free to get in touch through the contact page if you have any concerns, would like to know anything about what our acts offer, or just want to know more about any of the above. We have over ten years experience supplying bands to weddings, festivals, birthday parties, Oktoberfest events, TV shows, Radio shows, sporting events and many more, so would be happy to answer any questions or requests you may have.

Book Something Different for your wedding or event.

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